Magisterský obor SSME akreditovan

V září 2008 byl Ministerstvem školství akreditován magisterský obor SSME na Fakultě informatiky Masarykovy univerzity v Brně. Zájem je značný, předměty si mohou již studenti zapisovat. Podívejte se na profil absolventa tohoto oboru.

Profile of graduate of SSME master degree

This discipline connects the informatics profession to a multidisciplinary overview of domains which help to provide an information service as well as to one that is based on the utilization of information technology, namely knowledge intensive services. This has become very important to business practice. Service Science is an emerging scientific discipline.

Graduates of this program will have a solid knowledge of management, marketing and some practical skills in relevant areas of psychology, sociology and law. In addition the course will provide thorough training in those informatics domains which are connected to service provision and service system design, service system construction and operation, and service system evolutionary development.

The SSME major is intended for students who want to extend their specific informatics knowledge from the bachelor level into both a multidisciplinary overview of management skills and the service economy understanding, and gain a deep insight into the informatics fundamentals of service system construction and service systems operation in business.

The course offers training in management, marketing, law, presentation skills, conceptual modeling, project, program, and portfolio management in such a way that the student will have a complete knowledge of service systems and will be able to co-operate in teams, work with customers and work effectively and efficiently in situations of many agents co-creating added value for customers.

Students will be introduced to the shift of the classical product paradigm in economy to the new paradigm, that of service. They gain knowledge and practical skills in service systems' design, construction, operation and evolution.

The emphasis will be on aspects of understanding the service economy and the value co-creation between customer and service provider. For a practical realization of this, students are required to work on real projects which are developed and executed by business partner organizations that are contracted by the Faculty for this purpose. The projects are service or service system oriented. In this way business partners support training their possible future employees to be helpful in practical situations. An interim project which is performed in the business partner organization together with the masters thesis are jointly awarded up to 30 percent of the whole study program. The thesis arises from their cooperation with the business partner.

Graduates would typically enter junior management positions, apply themselves in the design and development of service systems, or assert themselves in positions that require smart orientation in a problem together with an overview of the ICT domain and beyond.

Kontakt na garanta oboru SSME
RNDr. Zdenko Stanicek, Ph.D.
Head of Knowledge and Information Robots Laboratory
Faculty of Informatics
Masaryk University in Brno
Botanicka 68a, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic


Blog o Service Science Research

Velmi zajímavý blog Kelly Lyonsové na téma SSME najdete zde.


Studijní program MESG

Již druhý ročník programu MESG (Master in Services Engineering and Management) se rozbíhá na fakultě Engineeringu University Porto (FEUP).


Program ITSM

Institute for Software Research (součást Carnegie Mellon University) rozbíhá nový stupeň vzdělání v SSME - The Master of Science in Information Technology in IT Service Management (MSIT-ITSM). Jde o integrovanou výuku v oblastech technologie, řízení a organizační strategie se zaměřením na oblast služeb.

Kontakt: Dr. Bill Hefley, MSIT-ITSM Program Director


22nd Service Conference and Workshop

Londýn, 6.-8.11.2008. Téma - The Future of Service Research and Practice in a Global World: Service Science, Service Logic, and Service Perspectives for Markets, Businesses, and Customers...Quo Vadis?

Kontakt na organizátorku: Katherine Tyler


Konference QUIS 11

Stránky konference QUISKonference QUIS 11 se koná sice až v příštím roce (11.-14.6.2009 v německém Wolfsburgu), ale uzávěrka nabídek příspěvků (formou abstraktu do 300 slov) je již 10/11/2008. Call for papers najdete zde.

Theoretical Perspectives on Service
Service Science
Service Strategy
Service Leadership and Culture
Service Marketing
Service Recovery and Complaint Management
Service Customer Integration
Service Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profitability
Service Operations
Service Engineering
Service Human Resources
Technology in Service
Service Quality Management
Service Innovation
Service Networks and Service Outsourcing
Internationalisation of Services
Services in Manufacturing Companies
Non Profit Services

Složení přípravné skupiny: Stephen W. Brown (Arizona State University), Bo Edvardsson (Karlstad University), Robert Johnston (University of Warwick) a Bernd Stauss (CU Eichstaett-Ingolstadt).


ServiceWave 2008

Konference ServiceWave 200810-13/12/2008
Madrid, Španělsko

O čem? Budoucnost internetových služeb. Jak zajistit synergii výzkumu, pedagogů a byznysu pro tento úkol (vytváření křížových multidisciplinárních komunit).

S kým? Reinhold Achatz (Head of Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies), Guillermo Cisneros (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Director of ETSIT), Stefano De Panfilis (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica), Wolfgang Gerteis (SAP), Petri Mähönen (Coordinator of EIFFEL, RWTH Aachen Univ.), Klaus Pohl (Coordinator of S-Cube, Univ. Duisburg-Essen), Thierry Priol (Coordinator of CoreGRID,INRIA), David Kennedy (Eurescom)

Tak co? Stojí to za předvánoční výlet do Španělska?

Hlavní stránka konference
Program konference (pdf).

The Future of the Internet of Services: The Internet is becoming a critical infrastructure for the growth of the modern economy and society by allowing anyone to access information in a transparent way, independent of locations or computing devices. While today, users’ main interactions with the Internet remain web browsing or exchange of e-mails, a revolution is happening through the availability of software services. The convergence of smarter networks, resource virtualization and collaborative and intelligent services will pave the way to Future Internet: an infrastructure in which software services will be as revolutionary as the e-mail and the Web were. Future Internet will allow the making of new and unforeseen collaborative applications based on dynamic adaptation to the context and to the available services and resources. Future Internet will thus play a more dominant role in organizational changes. The technological and architectural advances in the Internet domain will also need to take economic and service-oriented facts into account. This will require interdisciplinary work and an exchange of ideas between previously separate disciplines such as computer science, electrical engineering and social sciences.

However, before this revolution can happen, several research challenges must be addressed and a tighter collaboration between industry and academia is required.

Goal: The ServiceWave conference series aims to establish the premier European forum for researchers, educators and industrial practitioners to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in Software Services (or the “Future of the Internet of Services”) and related underlying network technologies.

ServiceWave fosters the creation of cross-community scientific excellence by gathering industrial and academic experts from various disciplines such as business process management, distributed systems, computer networks, wireless & mobile communication networks, grid computing, networking, service science and software engineering.

ServiceWave 2008 is organised by NESSI and hosted in Madrid by UPM in cooperation with

- European Technology Platforms eMobility, EPoSS, ISI and NEM

- Spanish Technology Platform INES

- Networks of Excellence CoreGrid and S-Cube

- Support actions Eiffel, 4NEM and NESSI 2010

- ICSOC, the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing

ServiceWave will be held from the afternoon of the 10th of December until the 13th of December 2008, immediately after the Future Internet Assembly event organised by the European Commission and hosted by UPM on the 9th and morning of the 10th December 2008.


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